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I finished one of the six butterfly outfits! Honestly I feel like this project has been doomed from the start, just about everything that could go wrong did go wrong. From the bodice proportions to the hand painting to the hemming - and hemming is the easiest thing ever!

I still like the idea, and I think from a distance the garment will look okay. But thanks to all the problems I had to really lower my standards just to complete it so It’s not a dress I will ever be proud of. 

Anyway, it was made from petticoat netting, orange batik, and chiffon.  All designs were painted by hand…it took many coats since I was using bright colors on dark fabric. The bodice is fully boned and laces up the back. 

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It’s finally finished!  Yes, this is all of the song I’m doing but by all means play as many other songs with it as you like.  We recommend Hips Don’t Lie, Talk Dirty to Me, and Tight Pants Body Rolls.


mcsiggy (Colors!), Homestuck (Source Media!), Katolilly’s Manip (It’s all her fault!)

[S] Cronus: Put Some Lipstick On

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Click here to watch Stephen Colbert take a look at impossible beauty standards on The Colbert Report.

Meanwhile, full episodes of The Report are always available on the Comedy Central app.

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The President

The 3200 year old tree so massive that it had never been captured in a single image until recently.

This giant sequoia stands 247 feet tall and measures 45,000 cubic feet in volume. The trunk alone measures 27 feet and the branches hold 2 billion needles (more than any tree on the planet).

This picture took a team of photographers from Nat Geo, 32 days and stitching together 126 different photos to make.


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we’re hell raising and we don’t need saving ‘cause there’s no salvation for a bad girl

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I have one really photogenic cat and one idiot

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Track: UnknownIt's Almost Halloween
Artist: UnknownPanic! At The Disco
Album: Unknown
Played: 24000 times

Everybody scream
Everybody scream
It’s almost Halloween

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All I want is to go to a Panic! concert and hear more than 1 song from Pretty. Odd. That’s all I want. Play Green Gentleman. Play Pas de Chavel. Play Folkin Around. Play something besides Nine P L E A S E I BEG OF YOU.

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if ur immediate reaction to someone whos told you theyre hurt by a joke is to tell them to get a sense of humor or learn to take a joke and not worry that you may have hurt someone, then youre probably not very nice or funny

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Praying the next gem fusion with Garnet has Big O piston arms


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  • nervous flyer and random seat mate AU
  • cyclist saves pedestrian who wandered onto the bike path AU
  • optometrist and patient AU
  • met in the veterinarian’s waiting room AU
  • your voice sounds just like my phone sex operator’s voice AU
  • met on an embarrassing singles cruise AU
  • fender bender AU
  • seated together at a family-style restaurant and everyone thinks they’re a couple already AU
  • took your suitcase from the airport baggage claim on accident AU
  • met at a family reunion but not related to each other AU
  • studying abroad AU
  • your kid hates my kid AU
  • cutie working the drive-thru AU
  • foster parent and social worker AU
  • manager at a no-tell motel and frequent room renter AU (bonus points: assumed they’re a sex worker AU)
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homestuck cosplay?


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  • *gets pulled over*
  • Police: you were going 100mph
  • Me: but officer I was listening to Centuries
  • Police: oh I'm sorry go right ahead